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Self-Ordering Kiosk

Enhance iPad POS with Self-Ordering Kiosk

With the Abacus Self-Ordering kiosk, customers can easily place their orders themselves. Add a cash machine for complete automation. Allowing your customers to order via your Abacus Self-Service POS kiosk will minimise queues when you have high traffic.

Attractive Interface.

Choose your most enticing food and drink photos, and your customers will be able to easily make a decision on the intuitive interface of your self-service ordering kiosk. The visual and interactive touch screen display is designed to entice your customers with pictures rather than words, and help to effectively engage customers. Product photos can also double up as category snapshots in the side panel, so your customers will be more inclined to check out your sides, drinks and snacks.

How Do Self-Ordering Kiosk Systems Work?

With a self-ordering kiosk, customers can browse your menu, place their orders and pay easily. Customers can dine in or take away, and pay either cash or card. The self-service ordering kiosk communicates to Abacus POS seamlessly so any orders are printed to the corresponding kitchen printer. This enables businesses to offer a contactless and frictionless service. We provide 3 models of the self-service kiosk system: Countertop, Wall-mounted and Free-standing.

pepper lunch

Pepper Lunch

Pepper Lunch have sizzled their way across Australia with incredible Japanese teppanyaki, and wanted the do-it-yourself experience to extend to the POS, too. We installed 4 impressive self-ordering kiosks, each with a 21.5-inch screen, so that their customers could place their custom orders and pay at the very front of the store.

These self-ordering kiosks have enhanced the Pepper Lunch customer experience by giving them the freedom to chop and change their orders around without the pressure (or precious time!) of an onlooking waiter.

By enabling self-service, you can minimise ordering errors, save costs and create a more efficient workspace.