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POS Software Solution on Tablet


At Abacus, we provide a POS solution that runs on the Apple iPad, to allow your business to operate effectively on the tablet computer technology that you know.

What makes the Abacus tablet POS the best in the market?

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The features that make the Abacus tablet POS the best in the market

Cloud Based

The Abacus POS system for the iPad tablet is cloud based for better security and convenience. All your information is securely backed up on the cloud.

Complete POS Solution

From basic stock numbers to sales reports, all the information you need about your business is literally at your fingertips – with a single login.

Online Ordering

With the option for integrated online ordering, you’ll be able to use your tablet POS to accept orders that customers have placed online.


You can update prices of your products on your Apple iPad tablet and remotely on your laptop.

Support & Training

We’re here to give you the support and guidance you need to make the most of your POS software program and application for your tablet.

Seamless Integration

Add a cash drawer, a barcode scanner, or even a label printer if needed, to complete your Abacus Point of Sale software iPad tablet application.