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4 Ways Your POS Can Boost Your Productivity

Hospitality business owners are always searching for new ways to be more productive. Whether it be making processes faster, managing staff more effectively or reducing human error, there are always new ways to improve and set your business apart.

Well, look no further than your very own POS system. Every restaurant, bar and cafe has a POS, but not many know how to use it to its fullest potential. 

This blog will show you four different ways that you can use your POS system to your advantage to drive efficiency and generate sales in your business.

1. Save Time Updating Your Menu

Manually changing all of your menus individually can be tedious and time consuming. As soon as you think you have finished, there is another change to be made. It can be hard to keep up with items selling out or adding daily specials – it’s a cycle that never ends. 

A Cloud POS automatically syncs menu changes made on one POS to all your other devices in real time. Automating routine tasks like updating your menu will save you time that can be better spent elsewhere and will ensure that your menu is always accurate. 

2. Avoid Rostering Clashes 

Every hospitality business has experienced the mayhem of being understaffed on an unexpectedly busy shift. It’s stressful, tiring and it leads to mistakes being made. No one enjoys that – not you, your staff or your customers.

With a Cloud POS system, you can ensure that you always have the perfect number of staff rostered on through identifying and tracking peak times in your business. With this data, you can organise and adjust rosters quickly and accurately, and be sure that you only have the required number of staff rostered on.

A Cloud POS system can also track your employees’ individual performance. You will be able to see who your top performers are, giving you the opportunity to reward them for their hard work. You will also be able to see who isn’t performing well so you can address it with them and discuss ways they can improve to lift your store’s overall sales and customer satisfaction.

3. Reduce Wait Times and Process More Orders with QR Scanning

QR stands for quick response, and that’s exactly what you’ll get with a QR Online Ordering system. Your customers will be able to place and receive their orders faster than ever, keeping them happy and allowing your business to process more orders in less time. 

Despite its speed, QR ordering is error-free, ensuring you are always giving your customers what they asked for. Contact-free ordering and faster order fulfillment times will also keep your business hygienic and your staff and customers safe during these times. 

A QR online ordering system will also drastically reduce your paper usage because you won’t be constantly reprinting menus anymore. This will cut your costs and reduce your environmental impact substantially.

4. Attract Customers with Compelling Promotions

With a Cloud POS, you can customise discounts and promotions that your customers can access instantly at checkout when they scan a QR code. QR codes are easy to use and accessible for all, so you can draw more customers to the special offers you have running and boost your sales. 

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