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6 Reasons Why You Need Your Own Online Ordering Platform

Still Sitting on the Fence? Check Out a Few Ways an Independent Online Ordering Platform is Better for your Business Than Simply Using a Third-party Platform.

Using an online food ordering system is a no-brainer in today’s pandemic-affected society. This technology has arguably benefited the global food and beverage space more than any other in recent times. We’re living in the digital economy now. Are you a cutting-edge early adopter, or are you biding your time, waiting for a future that may never come?

Third-party or independent online ordering?

Third-party platforms like Uber Eats, DoorDash, and Deliveroo are awesome, but did you know you can set up your own independent online ordering system on your restaurant’s website? And, are you aware it can be integrated with your cloud-based POS system? Your profit margin, customers, and staff will all thank you for adding it to your business’s offering.

6 Ways to Boost the People and Profit Journey

1. High-tech customer experience and order management

We, as human beings, like to feel as though we have control over certain aspects of our life experience. Online ordering provides this feeling, as it puts the ordering process wholly into the customers’ hands. Meanwhile, staff save time and money by not having to wait on every order that comes through the door. This means they have more time and energy to focus on customers, improving the overall quality of customer service.

By using a single POS system that is integrated with your own online ordering platform, you can optimise order management, store important customer data, track orders, and improve your entire operating rhythm – all from one system.

Data reports provide insights into the faces and minds behind the orders and assist you in meeting your customers’ wants and needs. You can then offer personalised deals and promotions based on their previous activities. This improves the chances of these patrons coming again, or even becoming loyal customers. Loyalty program, anyone?

2. Every dollar makes a difference!

We’ve gone through the often-agonising experiences caused by the pandemic’s ravaging effects on our food and beverage industry. It’s time we fight back by proactively setting up our businesses for maximum growth.

Did you know that online orders are on average 20% larger in size compared to the orders of sit-down patrons? This is due to the straightforward ordering process, easy navigation of menus, and the seamless ability to upsell side items or special promotions. 20% sounds good, right?

Well, revenue growth doesn’t stop there.

3. Reduce sky-high third-party commissions

The third-party online ordering platforms are great, but by cutting down on their use by using an independent platform on your own website, you’re going to save some big bucks. These platforms can charge up to 35% in commissions for orders made on their apps. Let’s take that hard-earned cash and put it in the hands of those sweating it up in the sweltering hot kitchen! We can sell direct to customer and remove the middleman!

4. It’s much better brand awareness

Your restaurant or café’s brand identity is paramount when it comes to digital marketing and advertising. By using massive third-party online ordering platforms, your brand can be washed away like sand being sucked out to sea by the riptide of competition. Sometimes people just won’t notice your business.

By integrating online ordering directly into your restaurant or café POS system, you strengthen the core stomach muscles of your online identity. When a customer makes an order, it’s done from your own website. They are your customer, and no one else’s. There are no other brands showing whatsoever, which means you stand out in people’s minds and memories, while simultaneously reducing competition for the sale. For those of us playing the long game of business growth, building a strong online presence is how we build up our loyal customer database of which we’ll be nurturing and marketing to.

Come on, let’s get that branding six-pack underway!

5. Greater reach and visibility

If your restaurant is popular, tables may be booked out well in advance. Each time you answer the phone saying, ‘I’m sorry, we’re fully booked,’ or ‘We don’t have any free tables this evening,’ you’re missing out on sales. By offering your own tailored online orders, you can sell more filet mignons and shrimp scampi’s, even when there’s no room for bums on seats.

6. Always stay one step ahead of your competition

While it’s true that the pandemic has forced more food and beverage establishments to integrate online ordering into their offering, not everyone has, and many of those who offer online orders do not have a platform imbedded into their own website.

If we want to thrive and not just survive in the post-Covid world, we need to play it smart. Make sure you’re selling more baby back pork spare ribs or pina coladas than the other guy!

Finally ready to get off the fence (it’s uncomfortable up there, isn’t it?)? Contact Abacus to learn more about how to integrate an independent online food ordering system into your cloud-based POS system now.