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Why Businesses are Upgrading to Cloud POS

Many businesses rely on a single device or backup of all of their important data, putting them at risk of losing it all if something out of their control happens to their devices. A Cloud POS always ensures that your data is safe and retrievable in real time; it creates a backup of all your important data that you can access anywhere at any time. This article will explain what a Cloud POS is, its many benefits to your business and why you should upgrade to a Cloud POS today.

Cloud POS – What Is It?

‘The Cloud’. We’ve all heard of it, but what does it actually do? Through the Internet, The Cloud creates a secure backup of all your important data that you can access from any device, whenever and wherever you need it. So, if you are busy running from venue to venue, you can still keep up to date with what’s happening on your POS through your phone or another device. 

Accidents Happen, But Your Cloud POS Has Your Back

Many businesses rely on a single device with no backup to store their important POS data and settings. However, sometimes things happen that are completely out of your control, such as:

  • Hardware suddenly breaks down or stops working due to age. 
  • A device might get lost or stolen.
  • A power outage.
  • A natural disaster such as a flood or fire.

If your business relies on only local hardware, these uncontrollable but all too common scenarios can result in your data being lost and you may be unable to get it back.

Cloud POS software, however, can recover all of your data and it can do it quickly, no matter what happens to your devices. All you will need to do is buy or otherwise access another device and all of your POS data can immediately be restored onto it, allowing your business to carry on as usual with minimal disruption. This will greatly reduce the time that your business will be out of operation and therefore any loss of productivity and revenue. 

Managing one store or a chain of restaurants is easy with a cloud-based POS software as your data is centralised across all locations. Owners and managers can access information about your stores and perform updates that will be standardised for every location.


In the restaurant industry, speed of service can make or break a business. Every time a customer places an order, it is crucial for the order to be communicated to the kitchen accurately and as fast as possible. That’s where Cloud POS software can make a world of difference. 

With the seamless integration of Cloud POS software with other devices such as your Kitchen Display Screen, you can easily input your customer’s order and ensure your back of house receives the order in their queue within seconds. This increase in speed can lead to higher order accuracy, a boost in table turnover and customer satisfaction.  


With a Cloud POS, you can rest assured knowing that your restaurant’s information is protected and secure. As information stored on the Cloud is synced electronically, it can be easily restored in the event of unforeseen circumstances, such as device theft, power outage or hardware malfunction. 

Storing data in the Cloud ensures that the integrity of your data will be maintained, offering your business the enhanced security that it needs and eliminating the risk of losing data. Cloud-based systems also allow for advanced security measures such as encryption to provide your data with further protection from possible breaches. To access your stock inventory, sales records and customer information on the Cloud, you simply need an internet-connected device. 


Technical issues and hardware crashes can force your business to close unexpectedly. This can be frustrating for you, your staff and your customers, particularly when it happens during peak times. 

A Cloud POS is less prone to technical issues, but on the unlikely chance that there is a problem, there is virtual support available. This support is easily accessible for your staff, and issues can often be resolved virtually. These days, technicians no longer have to log into remote servers, but instead can provide faster support by accessing your account through the Cloud. This means that the problem can be fixed quickly so customers aren’t kept waiting and you aren’t missing out on sales.

Easily Make Changes

With a Cloud POS, it is also far easier to make changes to your menu or settings. No matter where you are, with access to the internet, you can save time and make updates quickly. Within seconds, you can streamline and simplify the process of making menu changes, price adjustments and more, allowing your restaurant to work more efficiently than ever. This feature is especially useful if you own multiple restaurants and require updates to be applied to all your POS systems. 

A Cloud POS’ accessible and user-friendly interface makes it easy to use for all staff, so there will be less confusion amongst staff and less mistakes made. This will reduce customer wait times and increase your speed of service. 


Make better and more well-informed decisions with detailed reports from your Cloud POS. From finding out your lunch and dinner sales, to how often your customers are using specific promo codes, a cloud-based POS system conveniently provides you with real-time data across all of your stores. This will allow you to act and adapt proactively.

You can also organise your weekly, monthly or quarterly reports to be delivered to your email, allowing you to stay on top of current trends. Cloud POS ensures that your data is accessible whenever you need it and from any device, be it a desktop, tablet or mobile app on a smartphone. 

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