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Eight Key Features of Abacus POS that help Franchises Optimise their Business

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Running a successful franchise can be a challenging endeavour, especially when it comes to managing multiple stores and ensuring consistency across all locations. That’s where Abacus POS comes in, with its range of features designed specifically for franchise owners. Here are the 8 key features of Abacus POS that can help franchises optimise their business:

  1. Multiple Store Reporting:

    Abacus POS allows franchise owners to easily compare store performances to identify those outlets that are performing the best – or worst. This helps owners to pinpoint areas that may need improvement, as well as highlight best practices that can be replicated across other stores.

  2. Centralised Menu Management:

    With Abacus POS, franchise owners can update and control products, menu offerings, and various configurations for multiple outlets from a centralised location. This ensures that all stores have access to the same menu items, pricing, and other important details, promoting consistency across the franchise.

  3. Centralised Ordering:

    Abacus POS enables franchisees to order directly from HQ through its centralised ordering feature. This allows HQ to have different pricing tiers for different stores, and ensures that all orders are tracked and processed efficiently.

  4. Enterprise Management System:

    Abacus POS allows head office to manage menus and locations centrally, making it easy to change prices and variants, as well as apply surcharges only for those stores that need it. This simplifies the process of managing multiple outlets and helps to ensure consistency across the franchise.

  5. Staff Management:

    Abacus POS offers integrated staff management capabilities that make it easy for franchise owners to manage their employees. From scheduling and payroll to performance tracking and training, Abacus POS helps owners to streamline the management of their staff.

  6. Abacus App:

    With Abacus POS’s pocket manager mobile app, franchise owners can gather sales data and make price changes on the go, all from the palm of their hand. This makes it easy for owners to stay up-to-date on their franchise’s performance, and make necessary changes in real-time.

  7. Single Login:

    Abacus POS enables franchise owners to manage multiple stores with a single login, making it easy to switch between locations and access important data and features. This saves time and streamlines the process of managing multiple outlets.

  8. Privacy Controls:

    Abacus POS also offers privacy controls that enable franchise owners to control what their franchises can see. This ensures that sensitive data is protected and that franchisees only have access to the information they need to effectively manage their store.

In conclusion, Abacus POS offers a range of features that can help franchise owners optimise their business and ensure consistency across all outlets. From centralised menu management and ordering to integrated staff management and a pocket manager app, Abacus POS simplifies the process of managing multiple stores, helping franchise owners to grow their business and achieve success. Get in touch with the team to schedule a demo.