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Make The Most Of The Holiday Rush

With the hot summer months descending on the Southern Hemisphere, it’s essential for merchants to stay ahead of the festive rush by leveraging an All-in-one technology solution to streamline business operations and deliver an exceptional customer experience every time.

Business owners have unique requirements to operate – from tracking cash flow, managing people, stock and inventory control, marketing, reporting and more.  Stay ahead of the summer rush by maximising revenue opportunities, boosting loyalty and customer service with these tips to best prepare for the silly season.

Prepare for Peak Season Sales with an All-in-One Solution

A modern Point of Sale Solution, like Abacus POS, has an extensive list of features and functionalities built in. From stock management, online ordering, staff timesheets, loyalty and rewards, pay-at-table, real-time reporting and analytics, an all encompassing POS solution unlocks a new world to streamlining digital operations.

With clear, coherent data available in real-time you can understand customer behaviour, access in-depth reports and compare sales, so you can make informed decisions about how to drive your business forward during seasonal peaks and how to scale back operations during the off-peak periods.


Boost Loyalty through Customised Marketing + Promotions

‘Tis the season to promote unique and memorable food and beverage options – especially if your part of Australia is famous for specific produce being in season over the summer months.

An advanced POS solution should include the ability to send loyal patrons special offers for the holiday period. Instead of bracing for the end of year rush, businesses can navigate ahead and plan for the seasons’ peak periods, like sending out tailored emails to your most valued customers with special menu previews, events and promotional offers.

Abacus Email & SMS campaign integration helps draft, schedule, and send messages to your customers and improve your customer engagement. With ready to use email templates, you will be equipped to send out emails in no time to welcome your new customers and let them know about upcoming events, special offers + more.


Make it easy with Order & Pay at Table

With staffing shortages creating a significant bottleneck for most hospitality venues post-pandemic, the introduction of table ordering and payment solutions has significantly changed from the traditional brick-and mortar model of dining and paying at a venue.

With an ordering device on tables that is fully integrated with your POS, customers can quickly place an order from their table without waiting for staff to be available, enabling operators to focus on what’s important, increasing table turnover and delivering an exceptional customer service.


Delivery integrations +

Whether at home, at a holiday house, or at a campground, families are always on the lookout for great restaurant meals they can enjoy away from the kitchen and with loved ones.

Abacus POS integrates with multiple delivery platforms like Uber Eats, Doordash, EASI + more so you can ensure your restaurant’s online ordering system is up-to-date and incorporates a range of delivery integrations.

The holiday rush can be stressful but it presents a massive opportunity for your business. Minimise the risk of your business and maximise your return by getting ahead with a cutting-edge POS system you can rely on.

Abacus POS is your one-stop shop for all cutting-edge hospitality tech requirements. Discover how Abacus can help you streamline your business operations by booking your free demo today.