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Release Notes 27/05/2021: POS 2.9.12


Our latest POS version 2.9.12 is available!

You can now use Stripe Terminal with Abacus POS. We are also supporting new placeholders to improve your cash register summary!

New Features

Stripe Payment integration

Stripe Payment is now integrated with the POS:

  • In-store terminal: you can take card payments using Stripe Terminal – get in touch with our sales team to order one
  • Online payments: you can sign up to Stripe Payment and use POS 2.9.12 to accept online orders – find out how to get on board here.

Learn more about Stripe here.

Simple Payments Integration

We now support Simple Payments Integration (SPI).

The Westpac Payment integration settings will now be found in the Simple Payments Integration screen.

Unsynced Order count

Troubleshooting has never been easier. If ever there are syncing issues, you can now find out at a glance how many unsynced orders there are! This means you can pre-empt any reporting issues by syncing your POS whenever needed.

Find out more about it in our help article here.


Enhanced Cash Register Summary print-out

We have improved the Cash Register Summary that prints out at the end of the day from your POS counter.

The Expected and Actual amounts are now going to include the float (opening cash amount), showing the same amount as what you enter on the POS. Previously, the float was excluded.

We have also added support for extra placeholders. These need to be added manually to your Cash Register Summary Printing Template:

✨You can add a Tender Report section – this shows a breakdown of where the orders came from (POS, Online Ordering, Self-Ordering Kiosk, and Table Ordering). These need to be manually added to the Cash Register Summary report. Copy and paste this code into your Cash Register Summary:


✨You can add gift card payments – The sales summary can now include gift card payments. Copy and paste this code into your Cash Register Summary, between “Vouchers Redeemed” and “Deposits Deducted”:

Gift Card Payments     [giftcard_payment]

Improved on-POS Cash Register Summary report

The Current Register Summary and the Cash Register History (found in the Reports section on the POS) sales totals will also exclude tips.

Separate invoices for payments split by portion

In our previous release, we added the functionality to print one receipt per payment, when an order was split by items. Now, we also print separate invoices when an order is split by portions.

Customers remain attached to split payments

If you have a registered customer added to an order, they will remain attached to the full order even if the payment was split.

Becoming internationally friendly

As we expand internationally, we are making our POS interface more relevant for currencies outside of Australia.

You will notice that icons which previously had a dollar sign ($) have been changed accordingly.


  • Fixed: On the sales summary print-out, the “expected amount” (i.e. the amount of cash expected in the register according to the system) would not subtract the amount that was refunded, suggesting that there should have been more cash in the register than there was.
  • Fixed: Tips were incorrectly counted as part of sales in the Register Summary Report.
  • We have added back the “Waste” function for products that are not marked as stock items.


Plus other minor bug fixes and performance improvements.