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What is it about Customer Facing Displays that Enhances a Customer’s Purchasing Experience?

Do wrong orders and misunderstandings seem to be an all too common occurrence in your business? And as a result fiery confrontations and displeased customers leave without a satisfactory experience? These small yet hugely impactful mistakes can really hinder your ability to provide your customers the unique experience that can only be provided in your store. So much so that 87% of those unhappy customers will inform 9-15 people about their negative experience.

The most common fix is re-reading the order back to customers in the hopes they remember exactly what they ordered off the top of their head. There is always more than can be done to avoid any negative customer experiences, and in this specific case, a Customer Facing Display (CFD) is your solution.

What is a Customer Facing Display?

At its core, a Customer Facing Display is simply an iPad that is situated behind your point of sale terminal that lists your customer’s orders as your cashier puts them through. It will usually be displayed in real time as items are being selected and also outlines any modifiers or product variants a customer has requested for each particular product. Their purpose is to keep the entire transaction process as clear and transparent as possible.

How does a Customer Facing Display minimise the occurrence of errors?

A CFD gives your cashiers a helping hand when it comes to clarifying a customer’s orders. Because customers can visually see what items are being selected, it provides them with much more assurity, and makes sure your staff are always confident in processing the correct orders every time.

For those customers who were given the awesome task of ordering for all 10 of their friends (I’m sure we’ve all been there before), it also makes the classic re-reading order technique a whole lot easier. With a physical reference point on the iPad that lists out the countless food, drink and the no mushrooms, no onion, extra sauce variants, the customer can relax knowing that they don’t need the memory of an elephant to make sure their mates are happy with their food.

There is more to a Customer Display Screen than just displaying orders.

Where most CFDs stop at their core function, we have realised that there is so much more that they can provide to hospitality businesses. By implementing extra intuitive features, our CFD can create a dynamic customer experience that keeps customers engaged and more involved with your brand and store experience. Let’s break down these extra features.

Marketing Real Estate

Our CFD can act as real estate for you to place marketing material to promote any deals or specials you are currently running. The beauty of this is that customers are almost certain to be assessing their order as it comes through, meaning that your marketing material will very likely gather some significant attention from each of your customers. This also is not just limited to static images, you can also input a short marketing video that plays when the CFD is active for a short while. This gives you maximum usage of your devices even when there is the occasional down time.

Customer Acquisition

Right from the CFD, you can encourage your customers to submit their contact information (plus extra information like birthdays) to be saved into your customer list. This gives you valuable data and information on your customers, in which you can then use to send personalised promotional material to them by email or SMS. Are they already a member? Not a problem, they can simply scan their unique QR code and it the system will load up their customer profile for you where they can earn and redeem loyalty points while transacting in store.

Gathering Priceless Feedback

What’s the best way to improve? Actioning feedback received by your most loyal customers. Our CFD gives your customers the opportunity to voice their opinion on how their experience was in their store. Gathering meaningful feedback in writing can be challenging without a proper CRM in place, but with the CFD that is easily accessible for every single one of your paying customers, it is a super opportunity to learn about how you can better boost your in-store experience.

The cherry on top, all this information is directly integrated with your cloud-based Abacus POS, so you are able to access all this information from your backend at anytime from anywhere.

If eradicating simple ordering errors is important to you, you may want to consider checking out our CFD for your business. Our demonstrations are free, so be sure to reach out to us via our website or give us a call on 1300 552 535 to organise your free demo today.

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