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Fresh out of the Oven!

Since Abacus, Liven, OrderUp and Zeemart came together, we’ve been working hard on many game-changing industry innovations. Today, we debut the first of these – Abacus Android POS!

So what’s the big deal? 

How about a POS designed in Australia for Australian Hospo? One that takes all the good stuff from Australia’s favourite POS – Abacus for iOS – and does it on Android, meaning lower cost, no upgrade interruptions and simpler operations! And, does it in an easy-to-use, purpose-built for hospo hardware footprint that costs much less than iOS devices? And what if it worked better with all the other tech you need to run hospo right out of the box – we’re talking loyalty, inventory management, table ordering, delivery and more!

Challenging Traditional POS Systems and Their Limitations

For too long, hospitality businesses, especially cafes and restaurants, have grappled with the limitations of traditional POS systems. Hidden transaction fees, exorbitant hardware prices, intricate management protocols, and additional charges for rudimentary features have led to inflated consumer and operating costs.

Abacus Android POS changes this for good, slashing hardware expenses and bundling features often considered “extras” in traditional models.

“Hospitality is under constant pressure to lower costs. POS alone can set an operator back many thousands of dollars with endless hidden surcharges and fees – and when it’s down for days, that just squares the pain. Abacus Android POS was purpose-built here in Australia for Australian hospitality and grocery. It’s a first-of-its-kind solution that delivers a world-class customer experience at a fraction of the cost of alternatives. Unlike offshore vendors, we’re 100% committed to the Australian market.”

Shahrooz Chowdhury, founder and co-CEO of Liven, said: 

Integrated and Robust System Features

Abacus Android POS represents a reimagined version of Abacus’s industry-leading iOS POS.

The system is seamlessly integrated into a hardware platform powered by Android, catering precisely to cafes, franchisees, quick-service restaurants, and more. Tested in rigorous dining and grocery settings, the system handles diverse requirements, from electronic shelf labels to supporting an extensive range of over 100,000 SKUs.

Pricing for hardware and software can begin from zero, contingent upon contract terms, with premium software and support configurations starting at a mere $49 monthly.

Key Functionalities

  • Swift & Easy Setup: Be up and running in under 30 minutes.
  • Ease of Management: Avoid incessant hardware and software updates.
  • Hardware Reusability: Connect to existing cash drawers and receipt printers.
  • Seamless Integration: Merge effortlessly with loyalty programs, supply chain management, table ordering, and more.
  • Compatibility: Synchronize with third-party delivery services, kiosks, and cash recycling mechanisms.
  • Advanced Support: Comprehensive coverage for the Enterprise Management System (EMS) specifically crafted for quick-service restaurants & franchises.
  • Dual Mode: Ensure uninterrupted operations with both online and offline modes.
  • Better Customer Experience: Customer-facing display simplifies communications and engages customers better.
Prominent hospitality brands like Foodle have already integrated Abacus Android POS, proving its scalability and utility in demanding scenarios. This solution offers unparalleled cost savings from the checkout to sushi bars to bakeries without compromising customer experience or functionality.
So, get your POS costs down and your reliability, usability and features up. Schedule a demo of Android POS today.

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