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Is it time to lose the human touch?

We’ve all heard the arguments – Kiosks cause hospo to lose the human touch… They don’t drive cross and upsell… They cost too much. 

So why are many of Australia’s best brands deploying kiosks?

In the realm of hospitality, a kiosk refers to a self-service terminal where customers can place orders or gather information without direct human interaction. They range in size from TV-sized screens to tablets and phones. Whatever the size, think of the Kiosk as a digital server that never misses an order, no matter how complicated.

It’s about what diners expect

The digital age is not coming; it’s here – and self-ordering is a cornerstone digital strategy in hospitality. Self-ordering kiosks cater to the tech-savvy population while providing an efficient ordering solution for the rest.

And as digital has grown as a primary way for consumers to interact with brands, their expectations have changed.  Today’s diner wants quick, accurate, and personalised service. Kiosks offer just that, letting patrons customise orders at their pace and ensuring that what they choose is exactly what they get.

The benefits are clear:

Increased Average Order Value – data points to 30% higher order values from self-ordering. Have you ever noticed that you tend to order more when no one supervises your choices? That’s the magic of kiosks. The private and personalised experience entices customers to add just one more item, increasing the average order value. 

Reduction in Order Errors – Misunderstandings between customers and staff can lead to erroneous orders. With a kiosk, you tap what you get, minimising the room for mistakes. If a mid-range restaurant has an average order value of $40 and faces just two incorrect orders per day, that’s an annualised cost of $29,200. It all adds up to more than a single kiosk that can eliminate incorrect orders entirely.

Better customer experience – 65% of customers said they would frequent a restaurant more if offered self-service options. Self Service appeals to the time-challenged and those just wanting to order, pick-up and go.

Lowered Staffing Requirements – While kiosks won’t replace human touch entirely, they can handle peak times, reducing the need for extra staff during rush hours.

Enhanced Cross-Selling and Upselling Opportunities – Kiosks are smart. They can suggest add-ons, sides, or drinks that go perfectly with the main course, nudging customers towards a more complete meal experience.

The rise of the kiosks in the hospitality sector isn’t a trend; it’s the future.  And it isn’t about loosing the human touch – its about creating better customer experiences.

Let’s schedule a kiosk and digital ordering audit of your venue. In an hour or less, we will tell you how to implement the best self-ordering – from the table to the kiosk.


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