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Product Update: February 2023

Discover the power of productivity with Pocket BI – the upgraded solution to our popular Pocket Manager. Our latest integration of Flutter technology allows seamless access to real-time stored data through an intuitive and visually appealing user interface.


Step up your decision-making game with the enhanced dashboard of Pocket BI. Stay on top of your sales, transactions, and average customer orders with detailed insights, all accessible in real-time. Compare your performance and make data-driven decisions with ease, with the latest UI improvements powered by cutting-edge Flutter technology.



Empower your decision-making with the power of Pocket BI. Keep a close eye on your sales performance with daily, weekly, and monthly insights, and compare your results to previous time periods for a comprehensive view of your productivity.


Upgrade the way you manage your restaurant reservations with Pocket BI. Stay in control with real-time access to your reservation list and the ability to confirm or reject bookings on the go. Keep your customers informed with automatic email updates, ensuring a seamless and stress-free dining experience.


Make the most of your Pocket BI with tender reports and enhanced statistical analysis of business productivity, including top-selling products, sales, and additional metrics.
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