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Release Notes: March 2023



Require a manager or admin PIN to transfer an item or order

Available on: POS version 2.10.29 and above.

By default, all system roles (admin, manager and staff) have the ability to transfer items and orders between tables.

The B15. REQUIRE MANAGER PIN setting has been expanded to include requiring a manager/ admin pin to transfer items/ orders. 

Now, when this setting is enabled, staff users are required to enter a manager/ admin pin to transfer the item/ order. Manager and admin users will not be required to enter their pin.

Find out more at: Users and Permissions.


Self-ordering Kiosk


Error message when kiosk is logged in to a different account to the POS

If products ordered on the kiosk are missing from invoices or not being recognised on the POS, you may have logged in to your kiosk using an account/ store ID that is different to your POS. 

This might be because:

  • A new account has been created (you have two accounts), or
  • You have logged in to the HQ account instead of the child site.

If you suspect this to be the case, tap Test POS Connection on the kiosk configuration page. 

If you have logged in with an account/ store ID that is different to your POS, the kiosk will display an error message and prompt you to log in with the correct account/ store ID.


Kitchen Display Screen


Delete reasons on the KDS

Available on:

  • POS version 2.10.30 and above.
  • KDS version 3.1.44 and above.

You will now be prompted to enter a delete reason when deleting an item from an order on the KDS. 

The item will strike through on the invoice, similarly to the KDS and the POS. 

Find out more at:


Table Ordering


Include letters in table numbers

Available on: TO version 3.3.47.

Letters can now be included when entering a table number on the Table Ordering app.


Delivery Integration


Delivery menu sync status

The delivery menu sync status is now visible in the Sync Status column on the Delivery Menu page on the backend.

The four sync statuses are:

  • Processing: The menu is being sent from Abacus to the delivery partner.
  • Pending: The delivery partner has received the menu. Abacus is waiting on a response from the delivery partner.
  • Unsynced: The menu failed to publish.
  • Synced: The menu has been published successfully.

For more information on these changes, please contact our friendly support team or visit