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Product Update: March 2023

CCTV Integration

Abacus POS has now integrated with CCTV to give business owners the ability to keep an eye on all activity with the POS terminal and ensure things are operating smoothly. Currently Abacus POS integrates with Hanwha CCTV, with other CCTV integrations rolling out soon. 

To integrate your POS with CCTV, the merchant will need to provide the:

  • Account,
  • Password and 
  • Camera ID.

Text will appear on the CCTV footage when:

  • The cash drawer is opened manually.
  • A discount is applied to an order.
  • An item is deleted from a held order.
  • An invoice is deleted from order history.
  • Staff void an unfinalised sale from table maps or held orders.

Note: There is currently no notification for when the camera is disconnected.

KDS Stages

Customise each kitchen display screen to display orders at different stages of the food preparation process. Your orders can go through a maximum of 10 customisable stages before they are marked as complete.

Configuring KDS Stages

1. To use KDS stages, turn on “ENABLE WORKFLOW STATUS” on your kitchen display screen.

2. Enter the total NUMBER OF STAGES. Merchants can add a total of 10 stages for the order.

3. Select the DISPLAY ORDER ON STAGE (the stage at which the order will display on that KDS) and the NEXT STAGE (where the order will appear next)

4. Optional: Turn on ORDER CAN BE DONE ON THIS KDS.

5. Repeat steps 1-4 for each KDS.

Processing an order in stages

  1. Enter an order on the POS and tap SEND.

2. The order will appear at Stage 1. When the order is ready for the next stage, tap NEXT STAGE or individually tick off each item to send it to the next stage.

3. The order will go to Stage 2. Tap NEXT STAGE or individually tick off each item to send it to the next stage.

Note: All recalled orders will return to Stage 1.

4. The order will go to Stage 3. Tap DONE. The order will disappear from all KDS.