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Release notes 06/05/2021: Online Ordering


Different state governments have been developing different methods of contact tracing, so we have adapted our online ordering platform to help you meet your state’s regulations. 🏛️


New Features

Turn off Guest Check-In where required

When we launched Abacus Online Ordering in 2020, we wanted to make it as comprehensive as possible so you could have all your needs in the one platform. This meant including our very own Guest Check-In feature, so if there was ever a need for contact tracing, you would have a contact list right at your fingertips.

Now that some state governments have their own official contact tracing platform, we have made our Abacus Guest Check-In feature optional.

Make sure you follow your local government’s regulations. If your government requires you to use an official government contact tracing service, we ask that you switch off the Abacus guest check-in for your digital menu and online ordering. Find out how to do so here.

Customers can still scan the same QR code as before to place their order, they will just no longer be prompted to check in with the Abacus. Find out more about the about the Abacus Guest Check-In feature here.

Pop-up promo notifications

Did you know that you can create a notification that will pop up on the online ordering webstore the next time your customers visit it?

Find out how to do so here.


Minimum product variant selections

You can now configure a minimum required number of product variant selections for a product.

For example, you might have “pizza” product that requires a minimum of 2 pizza toppings to be selected.

Note that this is not supported in the POS, it is only supported in online ordering and the self-ordering kiosk.

Find out how to set this up here.

Find out more details about product variants in our Product Variant User Guide.


Fixes with delivery time slots.

Plus other minor 🐛 fixes.