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Release notes 06/11/2020: Web


We have released some fixes on the backend which will improve user experience in Online Ordering and the POS.

New Features

There are no new features right now.


Delivery Areas

We’ve added some handy hints to make it even easier to set up your delivery areas in the backend (Online Ordering > Configuration):

  • If the postcode range overlaps with another delivery area, you will now be advised to change the range

  • If you leave the “from” postcode empty, you will be advised to add one

  • If you don’t add a “to” postcode, we will assume that you want the “from” postcode (if your range is “from” 3000 and “to” nothing, then we will assume that your range is “3000” to “3000”).

These improvements will allow you to set up a flawless set of delivery areas so you can cover all the regions you wish without making a mistake.


Discounts & Loyalty

Now, loyalty points will still be earned even if a discount has been applied to individual products on the order.

Online Ordering

Delivery Time Slots


  • Time slots will now display chronologically

  • Time slots can no longer be created outside of a store’s opening hours

Partially refunded online orders

Now, if an online order is only partially refunded, it will still retain its “ACCEPTED” status and remain in the “In progress” tab. Only orders which are fully refunded will have the “REFUND” status.

Please note that even if an order is partially refunded, the whole order will display in the Online Orders page, with the refund reason underneath the Status.

You will need to go to the Order History page to see which items were refunded and which ones still need to be made. Find out more about cancelling orders.

Online Ordering Invoices


  • When you export your online ordering invoices (Online Ordering > Invoices), the delivery fee will now only appear once for each order. Find out more about  Online Orders for Catering.

  • You will now be able to see your customer’s details within the invoice details (Online Ordering > Invoices > Invoice Details > View Customer Details)

    Note: This displays your store’s company in the “company” section.


Sales by Category

There had been an error when selecting “Eat In” as the Order Type when viewing your Sales by Category report.

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