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Release notes 08/02/2021: Web


You can soon expect an improved daily email sales report to grace your inboxes.

Here’s what’s to come!


Scheduled email report

Did you know that you can schedule a sales report to be emailed to you every day?

We are rolling out an improved version of this report so you will soon see:

  • Gift Card Payments
  • Abacus (Online) Payments
  • Other Payments – the sum of your custom payment methods
  • Net Transaction Amount has been relabelled as Total Net Sales Amount to make it clearer that this amount excludes tips​​
  • Total Payment Amount – the total sales amount plus any tips

We have also rearranged a few lines so it is easier to read, e.g. your total sales and tax amounts will be at the bottom of the “Sales” section, instead of at the top.

Find out how to schedule a daily email report.

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