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Release Notes 10/06/2020

You asked, we listened!

We will now be publishing our release notes to this blog for your reference.

New Features

Guest Check-In function

In the interest of health and safety of your customers and staff, we have created a guest check-in function!

Your customers can scan a QR code to fill out their details, instead of using pen and paper.

If you’re already using our online ordering platform, check out the Guest Check-In section under our updated Online Ordering Operation Guide.

Dietary options

Make online ordering easier for your customers who have allergies, special dietary requirements, or even just preferences! Find out more in our Online Ordering Menu article!



  1. Your cart will now remember what was last added to it, so if you close the page then re-open it, you won’t have to start your order all over again
  2. You can run multiple loyalty earning rules at the same time on the online store, just as you can on the POS
  3. You can customise your online store’s colours and view the changes instantly via preview windows (Online Ordering > Theme Customisation)
  4. If the “preparation time” for individual products exceeds the store’s “Order Preparation Time” for online orders, this individual preparation time will be used instead
  5. Card validation: if the user puts in card digits that do not belong to Mastercard or Visa, they will be alerted


  1. Your customised colour theme was not always applying
  2. Points were not being earned as expected
  3. The order tracking screen would not always update to “completed”

Plus some other minor fixes!

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