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Release notes 17/07/2020: new shortcuts in the backend

In this release notes edition, we’ve rolled out several features to help you get your business done more quickly than ever before!

New Features

Dashboard shortcuts

That dashboard isn’t for decoration!

Your home dashboard can now direct you to specific reports at the click of a button.

This shortcut works for:

  • Gross Sales
  • Transactions
  • COGS
  • Online Orders
  • Deleted Transactions & Total
  • Order & Item Discounts
  • Cancelled Sales
  • Items Sold


“Switch sites” shortcut! ➡️

Franchises with multiple sites can now switch stores using a shortcut at the top of the page!

All stores are grouped by State, and can be found using the search bar.

Please note that you will need to have an address for each store for this feature to display properly. Contact Details can be updated via Configuration > Company Profile > Contact > Primary.

You may need to log out and log back in to see changes.

Refund online orders from the backend!

Now you can refund online orders by going to the Invoice Details of your online order.

You can also apply an administration fee, and select whether or not to include the delivery fee in the refund.



  • Bring deleted products back to life quicker than ever before! If you publish a deleted product, it will also recover it at the same time, so you’ve got less steps undoing your regrets.
  • We’ve renamed our Staff Check In/Out report to Staff Clock In/Out.


  • Those of you with lightning-speed fingers will be pleased to know that you can once again add multiple new extras (product variants) in quick succession, without the “New Product Variant Value” button locking out.
  • You previously couldn’t start your user login PIN with the number “0”. O, but now you can. We’ve also limited the PIN to 4 digits.
  • Coupons were not always automatically activated for some users – this has been resolved.

Plus other minor fixes.

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