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Release notes 21/04/2021: Web


We have introduced a new payment platform for online ordering that you can sign up to via the backend, and made some minor fixes.

New Features

Apple Pay & Google Pay (via Stripe Payment)

You can now use Stripe Payment for your online ordering platform, which means that you can accept Apple Pay and Google Pay in web online orders.

Find out how to onboard here.

If you have a Mobile App for online ordering, please contact to discuss the option to upgrade to Stripe Payment.



Reservation configuration

We have relabelled the name of the “Reservation session” page so it now says “Reservation configuration”, to more accurately reflect the purpose of that page.

Remember that we will soon be changing the reservations layout so that you can easily configure more than just the sessions from this page!

Refunded invoices

Once an invoice has been fully refunded, you now cannot mark that invoice as unpaid, nor can you add or change any of the payment methods. This ensures that your refunded invoices remain untouched so your sales reports have no discrepancies. Find out more about Refund Limitations


Fixed issues with:

  • Surcharges not displaying in online order receipts
  • Filtering invoices by self-ordering type

Plus other minor fixes.