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Release notes 22/07/2020: New Look for Online Reservations, Online Ordering Enhancements

We love hearing your feedback and we love developing our online ordering platform to bring the best technology to your business!

Not only have we improved the user interface of our Online Reservations platform, we have also added several improvements (and some fixes!) to our Online Ordering platform, our mobile Digital Menu, and our Guest Check-In function (help guide here).

New Features

Online Reservations have a new face!

We have been gradually rolling out a new layout of our Online Reservations page!

  • With the new “face”, your customers can select the date from the calendar on the left, and then the available times on the right.
  • If you also use Online Ordering, the button colour will be the same.
  • If you create a blackout date for a certain session, it will not appear in the online reservations interface.
  • Find out more about how to use online reservations by following our guide here.


  • When placing an online order, your customer’s cart will automatically refresh based on the latest menu. That means that if, for example, you’ve removed a limited edition product from your menu, any customers who have it in their cart (but did not complete the order) will no longer be able to complete the transaction.

  • Holiday surcharges now automatically apply for online orders! Find out more about how to set up a surcharge by following this guide. Please note that bank surcharges are not supported.

  • We have revised the text at the bottom of our Guest Check-In landing page so customers know that they only need to check into your store if they are dining in


  • Fixed: Several Digital Menu display issues, e.g. customers will no longer see the “+” or “-” signs next to products, making a clearer interface for all!
  • Fixed: For some customers, reservations for 12pm were being recorded as being for 12am
  • Fixed: When you enable Pre-orders, the “Closed Today” message will no longer display
  • Fixed: If you have no order tracker, customers will now be told that their order is “pending” until you accept the order
  • Fixed: For some users, in some specific scenarios, the Delivery Time for online orders would reset to ASAP
  • Fixed: If you selected the wrong state for delivery, then the right one, the delivery time and fee would not always update accordingly

Plus other minor fixes.

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