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Release notes 28/04/2021: POS 2.9.1


Our latest POS version 2.9.1 is available!

With this version, you’ll be able to quickly top up credit accounts with card payments, use Westpac Pay At Table, and get separate receipts for each split payment!

New Features

Top up credit accounts with integrated card payments

This has been a frequently requested feature, and we are proud to say that we have delivered it!

You can now use integrated EFTPOS terminals to top up Credit Accounts.

That means you don’t need to manually enter the amount in the EFTPOS terminal – it will automatically know how much to charge the customer when they present their card.

Entering your cash float is now optional (for cashless businesses)

You no longer need to enter the opening and closing cash amounts in the POS Register in order to process sales. We only advise you to use this only if you run a 100% cashless business.

Just go to Settings > A53. DISABLE CASH REGISTER.

When this setting is turned on, the POS Register button will be completely hidden from the navigation dropdown and you will no longer be required to open or close the POS Register.

Note: By disabling your cash register, you will not be able to track cash variances

If you accept cash at all, we highly recommend that you use the cash register, i.e. keep setting A53 turned off.

Find out more about Opening and Closing the POS Register.

We now support Westpac Pay At Table

You can now bring your Westpac terminal (VX690) to the table to pay!

This means you can turn tables faster, now that you can go directly to customers to complete the transaction rather than having them queue up at your POS.

Find out more by following our Westpac Presto Smart (VX690) instructions.


Split Payments

– Receipts for each Split Payment

When you split a payment, you will now be able to print a receipt for each guest as their payment goes through.

This also changes how split payments are shown on the backend, find out more.

– Accept Gift Cards and Vouchers in split payments

You can now also accept gift cards and vouchers even when you have split payments!

  • If a gift card or voucher is applied before the payment is split, then the order can only be split by portion.
  • If a gift card or voucher is applied after the payment is split, then the order can be split by item or by portion.

Find out more about Completing a Sale.

Improvements for Tyro

– Tyro Pay@Table Settings have moved

We have moved Tyro Pay@Table settings from the Device Options screen in the POS to the Payment screen.

If you already have Pay@Table set up, you will not need to re-connect, though the Passphrase field will appear to be blank.

– Tips are now refunded if you use Tyro

If you need to process a refund where there were tips input via a Tyro terminal, the refund will now include the tips.

This refers to the tips that were made within the Tyro terminal, rather than via Abacus.

Credit Card Surcharges

If you have credit card surcharges set by credit card type on the backend (e.g. a 1.5% surcharge for Mastercard, a 3% surcharge for American Express), you will now be prevented from turning off its related setting on the POS, which is A18. REQUIRE SELECTION OF CARD TYPE UPON CREDIT CARD TRANSACTION.

This change ensures that your credit card surcharges will work as expected according to the backend setup.

If you had previously set up your POS and online ordering to have different card surcharges, and if you have switched your online ordering to Stripe Payment, you will need to change your card surcharges so that an ‘All Cards’ surcharge applies for online ordering, and so that a ‘By Card Types’ surcharge applies for your POS.

Why? This is because Stripe payment accepts Apple Pay and Google Pay. So if any online customers choose to pay with Google Pay or Apple Pay, they will be charged your ‘All Cards’ surcharge instead of your Visa/Mastercard surcharge.

See: How do I set a different bank surcharge for online orders?

Get alerted when you have unsynced orders

When Slave POS devices have orders which are not synced to the Master, and when Master devices are not synced to the server, an unsynced orders icon will appear on the top-left of the screen with the number of orders which are not yet synced.

See: How do I sync unsynced orders? and Master and Slave Connection Troubleshooting

Tax labels are more internationally friendly

On the POS screen, the “Tax (GST)” label now says only “Tax”. To see the tax breakdown, tap on the tax label. 

Self-Ordering Kiosk reporting

You can now filter your sales by Self-Ordering Takeaway and Self-Ordering Eat-In order types.

NOTE: This will only set the order type for new orders (as of when you use POS 2.8.100 and kiosk version Your previous orders made on the self-ordering kiosk will still be set as standard “Eat-In” and “Takeaway” orders, as though they were made from the POS. Only new orders from the kiosks will be set as “Self-Ordering Takeaway” and “Self-Ordering Eat-In” orders.


– The payment type used for a refund now displays on the POS

Refunds in the order history are now more clearly labelled, e.g. cash refunds are shown as “Refunded: Cash” and refunded online payments are now shown as “Refunded: Abacus Payment”.

Find out more about Order History and Refunds.

– You can return a refunded item back to stock

If you are refunding a stock item, you can now opt to return it to the stock count. That is, if you sold 1 soda, it would normally stock out 1 soda. If you refund the soda, you can now choose if that soda would be stocked back in (e.g. if it was returned to the fridge unopened).

Removed wastage button for non-stock products

In POS 2.8.100 onwards (including POS 2.9.1), users will no longer be able to “Waste” products unless those products are marked as stock. 

Find out more about Front End Stock Management.


Indonesian currency

Fixed: $ showing instead of Rp in some places 

Reservation SMS character limit

When you need to send an SMS to their customer, you will now see how many characters your SMS text message is using up. The SMS is limited to 160 characters. 

Find out more about Reservations.



Plus other minor bug fixes and performance improvements.