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Release notes 30/09/2020: Web and Customer-Facing Display

We have released several web fixes and improvements, as well as a Customer-Facing Display update (version 2.5) that should be used with POS 2.8.17.

You may not be using POS 2.8.17 yet as we are still rolling it out.

If you have already upgraded to Abacus POS 2.8.17, and you use a Customer-Facing Display with our loyalty add-on, we recommend you get in contact with our support team to download the corresponding update.

New Features

None just yet – but wait ’til you see what we’ve got in store next month!


  • Custom Payment Methods are now only going to be archived instead of deleted. This means that you can archive a custom payment when you are done with it, and then restore it in the future.


  • Several fixes with the customer-facing display in regards to scanning membership cards, and displaying bank surcharges.
  • When you export your Sales Activity on the backend, it will now take into account the Group Filter, e.g. If you have filtered the orders to just show the “Melbourne” group, when then click “Export Hourly Sales” or “Export Order Items”, it will only export the information for the Melbourne group.
  • Multi-site setups: some child sites had a “default” menu created instead of the HQ menu – this has been resolved.
  • You can now automatically email customers a notification when an order is ready for pickup/delivery (Online Ordering > Configuration)
  • When manually reducing loyalty points on the backend (Loyalty Marketing > Point Transaction), you can no longer give the customer a negative points balance. You can still reduce the number of points by entering a negative amount (e.g. if there are 100 points, and you enter “-10”, the user will end up with 90 points), however you cannot make the total less than 0 (e.g. if there are 5 points, and you enter “-10”, the system will prevent you from completing the transaction).
  • If a customer redeems a discount using loyalty points, then that order is deleted, the points will now be restored to the customer account. Find out more about making loyalty points programs.

Plus other minor fixes and improvements.

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