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Release Notes: April 2022



Register a customer using an existing membership code

New customers can now be registered using an existing membership code. If they don’t have a membership code, one will be automatically generated when their profile is created.


Online Ordering


Product variant printing order

The order the product variants are displayed in when received from delivery platforms is maintained when the docket is printed.


Kitchen Display Screen


Print on demand

When Print on Demand is enabled, order dockets will no longer print automatically. When you print on demand, each product will print on a different docket.

To enable Print on Demand, go to Settings > PRINTERS > Print on Demand.

To print the dockets, hold down on the order and tap the printer icon.


Customer-Facing Display


Scan membership barcode

Customers can now scan membership barcodes on the CFD. This works the same way as scanning a QR code. The CFD will check that the member exists on the back end and either produce a Member doesn’t exist error, or display the customer’s details on the POS and the CFD.

Updated help guide: Customer-Facing Display.


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