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Release Notes: December 2021

Online Ordering


Pay Later

When Pay Later is enabled, the credit card, Google Pay and Apple Pay buttons will be hidden, so only the Pay Later button will be visible. When Pay Later is not enabled, all payment methods will be visible.


Estimated Delivery Time

The estimated delivery time will no longer display on the order tracking page for dine-in orders.


Email Field

You can now add multiple email addresses on the checkout page.




Terms and Conditions

Customisable terms and conditions can now be configured on the Reservation Configuration page on the backend.


Booking Requests

After clicking Request Reservation, a note will appear letting the customer know that they have only made a booking request, and their booking will only be confirmed when they receive a second email confirming that the reservation has been accepted by the restaurant.


For more information on these changes, please contact our friendly support team or visit