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Release Notes: February 2022



Bulk mark credit account invoices as paid

You can now bulk mark credit account invoices as paid. 

Find out more at: Credit Accounts.


Translate the EASI menu to Chinese characters

The EASI menu can now be translated to Chinese. Click the Multilingual button on the EASI menu in the delivery module to enter the product name and description in Chinese.


Set the same surcharge for all cards

You can set the same surcharge for all card types on the Surcharge page by clicking the All Cards button, and selecting which surcharge you want to apply to all cards.


Online Ordering


Select order type at the beginning of the order

When there are multiple online ordering menus, customers will choose their order type at the beginning of their order, allowing different menus to be displayed depending on the order type selected. The customer can also change the order type on the Checkout page, but the cart will be cleared if the new order type they select uses a different menu.


Loyalty marketing checkbox

Customers with loyalty can have a Join our mailing list! checkbox at the bottom of their online ordering check out page.


Order acknowledgement email

There is now an option to send an email to customers acknowledging that their online order has been received by the restaurant. An Order is received checkbox has been added on to the Online Ordering > Configuration page.

Find out more at: Operation guide for online ordering.


For more information on these changes, please contact our friendly support team or visit