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Release Notes: February 2023

Online Ordering


Guest count

Guest Count will prompt customers to enter the number of people at their table before placing their order. 

Find out more at: Guest Count.


Upsell categories

Add an upsell prompt to all products in a category. An upselling prompt will suggest other products for the customer to order when they view an item from a certain category.

Find out more at: Upsell Categories.


Category time settings

Display categories at different times of the day by creating time settings.

Find out more at: Create Time Settings for a Category.


Kitchen Display Screen



Customise each KDS to display orders at different stages of the food preparation process. Orders will move through up to 10 customisable stages until they are marked as complete.

Find out more at: Stages.


Delivery Integration


Uber Eats


Multiple menus

Multiple menus are now supported for Uber Eats. For example, a lunch menu and a dinner menu.


Multiple order types

Uber Eats menus can now be used for delivery and pickup, as Uber Eats now supports pickup.


Uber Eats & DoorDash


Three blocks of time settings

Uber Eats and DoorDash menus can now have three blocks of time settings per day. 


Pocket BI


Tender report

Tender Report has been added to Pocket BI.

The Tender Report outlines the percentage of sales attributed to each tender type (i.e. cash, credit card, etc.) through dollar amount and in a pie graph.

Find out more at: Navigating Pocket BI.


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