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Release Notes: June 2022



Export membership page

The Membership page on the Superadmin account can now be exported. An Export button has been added at the top of the page.


Only Super Admin can update the Super Admin password

When a user would log in as Admin, Manager or Staff, they could update the Super Admin account’s password. Admin, Manager and Staff users will no longer be able to update the Super Admin password.


Refund reason added to the Refund report

The refund reason entered on the POS will now be visible on the Refund report.




Stripe for New Zealand now supported

Abacus now supports Stripe for New Zealand customers.


Deleted products will be greyed out on the POS

When a product or variant is deleted on the backend, it will now be greyed out (archived) on the POS instead of being deleted. Users will not be able to open the Product Details pop up for that product.




Loyalty now available for EMS

Loyalty is now available for customers on EMS. Loyalty earning and redemption rules can be configured on the HQ account.


Table ordering now available on EMS

EMS now supports Table Ordering. Table Ordering menus can be added by going to Menus > Table Ordering Menu and clicking the Add New Ordering Menu button.


Changes to enabling and disabling EMS for child sites on HQ

Enabling/ disabling EMS on HQ would previously enable/ disable EMS on all child sites. Individual child sites can now be unchecked to disable EMS without having to disable all of them. 


Delivery Integration


Uber Eats


Print customer address on order docket

Customer address will now be included in the [delivery_details] placeholder and print on Uber Eats delivery dockets.




Fantuan menus can be translated into Chinese

Fantuan menus can now be viewed in Chinese. Translations can be added for products, product variants and product categories.


POS preparation time will be factored in to ETA

Preparation time on the POS will now be reflected on Fantuan. Fantuan will factor in the preparation time on the POS when determining the delivery/ pickup ETA. 




HungryPanda integration now available

HungryPanda can now be selected as a delivery platform.


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