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Release Notes: September/October 2022



Updated character limit for online Store Title

The Store Title on the Online Ordering > Configuration page now has a limit of 15 characters.


Order source printing template

The order source (e.g. POS, online ordering) can be printed on kitchen dockets using the [device_source] tag.

Find out more at: How to customise printing behaviour


Email notification of denied order cancellation request

Customers will now receive an email notifying them that their order cancellation request has been denied.


Online Ordering


Variants will have a ‘+’ before the price

Product variants will be listed with a ‘+’ before the price (except in the case of $0, where no price will be listed at all). 


Self-ordering Kiosk


View kiosk menu in Chinese or Indonesian

The kiosk menu can now be viewed in Chinese or Indonesian. Previously, only the buttons on the kiosk had multilingual support, but the menu was still displayed in English. 

Note: Kiosk translations cannot be bulk imported. Each translation must be entered one by one.

Find out more at: Multilingual Setup for Self-ordering Kiosk.


Kitchen Display Screen


Change the width of summary view

The width of the summary view can now be adjusted.

Find out more at: KDS Layout and Appearance.



HQ course settings will display on child sites

When EMS is enabled, the courses set on HQ should display. When EMS is disabled, only the child site’s courses will display.


Delivery Integration


One delivery partner can have multiple menus if they have different site groups

Multiple menus can now have the same delivery partner if they have different site groups.

For example, if there are two Uber Eats menus, one Uber Eats menu can be assigned to NSW, VIC, QLD and WA, and the other can be assigned to SA and TAS. Both menus can exist with the same delivery partner because they have different site groups.


For more information on these changes, please contact our friendly support team or visit