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Abacus’s Integration with Tanda takes one of business’ most dreaded tasks and makes it easy.

Tanda, one of the world’s most popular workforce management programs turns rostering, wages and payment into something easy, quick and efficient. And it gets that much better now that it is integrated with Abacus Point of Sales’ suite of solutions for hospitality businesses.

With a simple plug-in, your Tanda software will be able to automatically communicate with your Abacus POS to help you manage your staff resources more effectively.

How Abacus POS and Tanda is making your life easier?

We want to make sure that you have access to in-depth information at ease so you can make better informed decisions for your business. One of the biggest questions most business owners ask is whether or not they are spending too much on their staffing costs, a question that usually takes a lot of data searching, number crunching and late nights to figure out.

However, by pairing together your workforce data withy our real-time sales data, these insights can be obtained at ease with no extra work. When you link your Abacus POS with Tanda, your sales are automatically transferred to Tanda every 15 minutes so they can be processed in Tanda’s Live Insights module. This means you can schedule your staff effectively by mapping it with your real-time sales data.

What is Tanda’s Live Insights Module?

Tanda’s Live Insights module gives you a real-time snapshot of the metrics that matter.

Optimise your daily operations with live tracking of your wages in comparison to the revenue generated, and compare how your live sales are performing compared to your projected outcomes throughout the day. This is where your Abacus POS comes in. With constant syncing of sales data from your POS to your Tanda software, you can always have your eye on whether your current staffing strategy is the most optimal for your business and make adjustments as quickly as possible. Hospitality doesn’t wait for you, so you need to make these decisions when they are needed most.

Why is it important to optimise your workforce expenses?

First and foremost, the most obvious reason for optimising your workforce expenses is to save on any unnecessary costs. If your hospitality business happens to be over-staffing your morning shifts, and there ends up being many staff members wandering around with nothing to do, it may be best to decrease the number of employees rostered on at that time.

Much of those costs will add up over a long period of time, and ultimately hinder the growth of your business. This outcome is easily distinguishable on the live insights module when you proportion of wages is very high compared to your revenue.

Moving away from the financial side, it is also very important to also determine what the in-store experience is like. Using the example above, having many staff members wandering around and crowding up space in and around your store can take away from the overall store experience that customers will go through.

With scarce time and resources, you want to always be sure that they are invested in the right activities. Tanda’s integration with Abacus POS ensures that you will always have the right information to make the best decisions for your business. And as a bonus, it doesn’t require any extensive effort or late nights on your end. Sounds like a win to us!

Learn more about Workforce management here, or have a look at our integration over at Tanda.

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