Introducing the Abacus Table-Ordering iPad POS System for Hospitality Businesses

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Introducing the Abacus Table Ordering System for Hospitality Businesses. The need for a more customer-driven experience is becoming much more prevalent in today’s hospitality industry. As restaurants begin to innovate their in-store experiences alongside the growth of technology, POS systems that facilitate self-ordering have transformed into an important cog in … Read More

Do Customer Loyalty Programs Really Work?

Rebecca McIntoshEnlightenment

customer loyalty program

Loyalty programs work! They have to. They have the word “loyalty” in their name… Ah, if life were that simple, that “voluminous shine” shampoo I bought last week would have actually made my hair voluminous and shiny. Instead, it’s boofy. As with anything, it’s not about what you have, it’s … Read More